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List of publications:

“Spring Salmon at Night.”  Rena Priest (ed.), I Sing the Salmon Home, forthcoming from Empty Bowl Press, 2023.

“Among the Vegetarians” (for Pacific Halibut).  Elizabeth Bradfield, Derek Sheffield, and CMarie Fuhrman (eds.), Cascadia: A Field Guide Through Art, Ecology, and Poetry, forthcoming from The Mountaineers, 2023.

“Rold Skov.”  Shloka Shankar (ed.), The Poetry Marathon Anthology, 2020.

“Drift.”  Yvonne Blomer (ed.), Sweet Water: Poems for the Watersheds, Caitlin Press, 2019.

“Postcard to Hugo in Port Townsend.” Pontoon Poetry 13, Floating Bridge Press (January 30, 2018).

“Salmonberry.”  Sunset Liminal. Spring 2017.

“Blackberries.” Rachel Rose (ed.), Sustenance: Writers from B.C. and Beyond on the Subject of Food, Anvil Press, 2017.

“Moon Jelly.” Yvonne Blomer (ed.), Refugium: Poems for the Pacific, Caitlin Press, 2017.

“Overeater Sestina” and “My Teeth.” Patricia Fargnoli (ed.), Ice Cream Anthology. World Enough Writers/Concrete Wolf, 2017.

“Boom.” Tod Marshall (ed.), Washington 129 anthology.  Sage Hill Press, 2017.

“The Brooks Gryphon” and “Roethke’s Fur-Bearing Trout.” Found Poetry Review 10 (January) 2017.

“Dreams.” Sweet Tree Review. Fall (October) 2016.

“Postcard to Richard Hugo in Hot Springs, MT.” Caitlin Thompson (ed.), The Poetry Marathon Anthology, 2016.

“Trails.” Luther Allen and J.I. Kleinberg (eds.), Noisy Water: Poetry from Whatcom County. Bellingham: Other Mind Press, 2016.

“Anchored.”  Contemporary Haibun Online. October 2016.

“Fingertips.”  Pif Magazine April 2015.

“Trails.”   Pif Magazine.  March 2015.

Three poems. In Michael Simms, Giuliana Certo, and Christine Stroud (eds.), The Autumn House Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry, 3rd edition. Pittsburgh: Autumn House Press, 2015.

Tents” and “Eels.”  RHINO 2014.  87-88.

Tides” and “Cuttings.”  Canadian Literature  218 (2013).  45-46.

“Cuts” and “Rivers.” Crab Creek Review 30th Anniversary Issue 26/2 (2013). 50-52.

Oars.” Valparaiso Poetry Review, Spring 2013.

“Quilts” and “Ceilings.” Conversations across Borders, May 2013.

“At the Erotic Bakery.” Anthologized in A Sense of Place: The Washington State Geospatial Poetry Anthology. http://www.asenseofplacewa.com.

Four poems. In Kelli Russell Agodon and Annette Spaulding-Convy (eds.), Fire on Her Tongue: An eBook Anthology of Contemporary Women’s Poetry. Two Sylvias Press, 2011.

Four poems. In Michael Simms (ed.), The Autumn House Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry. Pittsburgh: Autumn House Press, 2011. 285-289.

“What I Sometimes Think Other Writers’ Book Blurbs Must Say About Me.” Accepted for Carbon Copy.

“Blackberries,” “Ten Reasons Your Prayer Diet Won’t Work,” “Anchoring,” and “I Believe I Could Kneel.” In Scott Minar (ed.), The Working Poet: 75 Writing Exercises and a Poetry Anthology. Autumn House Press (Pittsburgh), 2009. 294-299.

“Blackberries.” CuiZine: The Journal of Canadian Food Cultures 1(2). 2009.

“At the Erotic Bakery.” Crab Creek Review XXII/1 (Fall/Winter 2009). 34-35.

Five Poems. In Andrea Hollander Budy (ed.), When She Named Fire: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry by American Women. Pittsburgh: Autumn House Press, 2008. 276-279.

“To the Woman Who Stole My Visa Card.” The Fourth River 5 (Fall 2008). 188-189.

“Octopus.” Verse Daily, 15 October 2008.

“Trying,” “Octopus,” and “Before.” Prairie Schooner 82/3 (Fall 2008). 173-175.

“That Year.” Floating Bridge Review 1 (Spring 2008). 79-80.

“Unaccountable.” Anthologized in The Moment Witnessed (LaConner, WA: The Fifth Skagit River Poetry Festival, May 2008). 38.

“Ten Reasons Your Prayer Diet Won’t Work.” Anthologized in Pontoon 10 (Floating Bridge Press, 2008). 87-88.

“I Believe I Could Kneel.” Excerpted in O Magazine (Oprah), May 2007. 49.

“I Believe I Could Kneel.” Poetry Daily, 13 January 2007.

“Asterisk.” Reprinted in Poetry on Wheels: An Anthology of King County’s Poetry on Buses Program 1997-2007 (Seattle: Floating Bridge Press, 2006). 19.

“Among the Vegetarians.” Tattoos on Cedar: Volume 2 of the Washington Poets Association anthology (Seattle: Reischling Press, 2006). 63.

“Ten Reasons Your Prayer Diet Won’t Work” and “The Fat Lady Sings.” Pontoon 8 (Floating Bridge Press, 2005). 92-96.

“She Might Have Been A Cutter.” Jeopardy 2005. 88.

“Asterisk.” Self-Portrait: Poetry on the Buses 2005 (4Culture, King County Metro). 13.

“Spring Salmon at Night.” Rattle 10/2 (Winter 2004). 66.

“Letter.” Stories with Grace 6 (Winter 2004). 11.

“August.” Rock Salt Plum Review (ISSN#1549-0327, Fall 2004).

“Iceberg.” Jeopardy 2004. 38-39.

“After I Die.” The Bellingham Review 25/2 (Fall 2002). 10-11.

“Pig.” Crab Creek Review 16/2 (Autumn/Winter 2002). 24-25.

“Bait.” B.C. Studies: The British Columbian Quarterly 132 (Winter 2001/02). 90-91.

“Picture of Erick off Baranof Island, Alaska.” Reprinted in Elements of English 11 (Harcourt Canada, 2001),a textbook for high-school students. 167-168.

“At the Sea-Thai Restaurant.” Arbutus.net (Spring 2001).

“Picture of Erick off Baranof Island, Alaska” and “Answer.” Grain 28/1 (Spring 2000). 24-25.

“A Garment Poem.” Open Spaces: Views from the Northwest 3/1 (Spring 2000). 9.

“Anchoring.” Poetry Northwest 34/1 (Spring 1993). 20-21.

“Cold Spots,” “Deodorant,” and “The language of Pears.” Room of One’s Own 15/2 (Summer 1992). 44-46.