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List of publications:

“Salmonberry.”  Sunset Liminal. Fall (October) 2016.

“Anchored.”  Contemporary Haibun Online. October 2016.

“Fingertips.”  Pif Magazine April 2015.

“Trails.”   Pif Magazine.  March 2015.

“Tents” and “Eels.”  RHINO 2014.  87-88.

“Tides” and “Cuttings.”  Canadian Literature  218 (2013).  45-46.

“Cuts” and “Rivers.” Crab Creek Review 30th Anniversary Issue 26/2 (2013). 50-52.

“Oars.” Valparaiso Poetry Review, Spring 2013.

“Quilts” and “Ceilings.” Conversations across Borders, May 2013.

“At the Erotic Bakery.” Anthologized in A Sense of Place: The Washington State Geospatial Poetry Anthology. http://www.asenseofplacewa.com.

Four poems. In Kelli Russell Agodon and Annette Spaulding-Convy (eds.), Fire on Her Tongue: An eBook Anthology of Contemporary Women’s Poetry. Two Sylvias Press, 2011.

Four poems. In Michael Simms (ed.), The Autumn House Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry. Pittsburgh: Autumn House Press, 2011. 285-289.

“What I Sometimes Think Other Writers’ Book Blurbs Must Say About Me.” Accepted for Carbon Copy.

“Blackberries,” “Ten Reasons Your Prayer Diet Won’t Work,” “Anchoring,” and “I Believe I Could Kneel.” In Scott Minar (ed.), The Working Poet: 75 Writing Exercises and a Poetry Anthology. Autumn House Press (Pittsburgh), 2009. 294-299.

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“At the Erotic Bakery.” Crab Creek Review XXII/1 (Fall/Winter 2009). 34-35.

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“To the Woman Who Stole My Visa Card.” The Fourth River 5 (Fall 2008). 188-189.

“Octopus.” Verse Daily, 15 October 2008.

“Trying,” “Octopus,” and “Before.” Prairie Schooner 82/3 (Fall 2008). 173-175.

“That Year.” Floating Bridge Review 1 (Spring 2008). 79-80.

“Unaccountable.” Anthologized in The Moment Witnessed (LaConner, WA: The Fifth Skagit River Poetry Festival, May 2008). 38.

“Ten Reasons Your Prayer Diet Won’t Work.” Anthologized in Pontoon 10 (Floating Bridge Press, 2008). 87-88.

“I Believe I Could Kneel.” Excerpted in O Magazine (Oprah), May 2007. 49.

“I Believe I Could Kneel.” Poetry Daily, 13 January 2007.

“Asterisk.” Reprinted in Poetry on Wheels: An Anthology of King County’s Poetry on Buses Program 1997-2007 (Seattle: Floating Bridge Press, 2006). 19.

“Among the Vegetarians.” Tattoos on Cedar: Volume 2 of the Washington Poets Association anthology (Seattle: Reischling Press, 2006). 63.

“Ten Reasons Your Prayer Diet Won’t Work” and “The Fat Lady Sings.” Pontoon 8 (Floating Bridge Press, 2005). 92-96.

“She Might Have Been A Cutter.” Jeopardy 2005. 88.

“Asterisk.” Self-Portrait: Poetry on the Buses 2005 (4Culture, King County Metro). 13.

“Spring Salmon at Night.” Rattle 10/2 (Winter 2004). 66.

“Letter.” Stories with Grace 6 (Winter 2004). 11.

“August.” Rock Salt Plum Review (ISSN#1549-0327, Fall 2004).

“Iceberg.” Jeopardy 2004. 38-39.

“After I Die.” The Bellingham Review 25/2 (Fall 2002). 10-11.

“Pig.” Crab Creek Review 16/2 (Autumn/Winter 2002). 24-25.

“Bait.” B.C. Studies: The British Columbian Quarterly 132 (Winter 2001/02). 90-91.

“Picture of Erick off Baranof Island, Alaska.” Reprinted in Elements of English 11 (Harcourt Canada, 2001),a textbook for high-school students. 167-168.

“At the Sea-Thai Restaurant.” Arbutus.net (Spring 2001).

“Picture of Erick off Baranof Island, Alaska” and “Answer.” Grain 28/1 (Spring 2000). 24-25.

“A Garment Poem.” Open Spaces: Views from the Northwest 3/1 (Spring 2000). 9.

“Anchoring.” Poetry Northwest 34/1 (Spring 1993). 20-21.

“Cold Spots,” “Deodorant,” and “The language of Pears.” Room of One’s Own 15/2 (Summer 1992). 44-46.