Once Removed

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“Nancy Pagh is that rare poet who can combine the intensely personal with impeccable craft and aesthetic distance. The taut energy and honesty of these poems break your heart. The tribute Pagh pays to other poets and the sophisticated skills she applies to every line make you shiver with delight. These are poems to treasure.”  —Lorna Crozier, author of The Blue Hour of the Day: Selected Poems


“Imagine if your best friend borrowed a coat, then returned it furred, teeth at the cuffs, bull’s eye inked on the back. In Once Removed, Nancy Pagh borrows cadences, images, and inspiration from favorite poets, then deconstructs selected lines, repurposing them to suit surprising new shapes. These poems capture graceful musings, the poet’s clear mind focused on the natural world, but also ferocity unleashed in the aftermath of love.”  —Carol Guess, author of Doll Studies: Forensics


“‘Can anyone hold the shape of anything?’ asks Nancy Pagh. In these poems—richly sensual, grounded in the observed world—she examines the possibilities of just how that question might be answered, borrowing forms and inspiration from other poets
whose lines provoke her own urgencies. Through powerful acts of empathy, she is able to stand where they stand, but it’s her own good eyes that do the looking.”  —Samuel Green, author of All That Might Be Done